Creating Smart Content

To get started, visit the Smart Content area and click Create Smart Content. In the Smart Content editing screen, configure the following options:

  • Name - Enter a name for your Smart Content. This name will be used to identify the content within Clive.
  • Add Content - You can choose from 3 content formats: Image + Link, Button, or HTML (WYSIWYG).
  • Show only to specific visitors - Enable this option to show the associated version only to users who have filled out a specified Form or form Field.

Smart Content Versions

To create additional versions of your Smart Content for A/B testing or targeted messaging, click the Create New Version button.

Optionally, you can start with a copy of existing content by selecting it from the dropdown labeled Start with duplicate of a version.

Personalized Callouts

Use the Show only to specific visitors options to personalize content based on information visitors provide via Clive forms.

You can choose to show Smart Content versions only to visitors who've completed a certain form or selected a certain field value in a form.

Provide a "default" version visible to all users to display to visitors who haven't filled out any forms yet.

A/B Testing

Create two or more versions visible to all users to see which performs better with visitors (A/B testing).

Embedding Smart Content

Once your content is created, you can copy the Smart Content Embed Code on the content preview screen and paste it into the body source code of your page.

Your code snippet will look something like this:

<script async="true" data-clive-id="##" data-clive-type="smartcontent" src=""></script>

Alternatively, if your site content is managed in Cascade CMS, you can use the Clive integration to select and embed your content in a WYSIWYG editor directly from the interface.

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