Step 1: Download the Cascade CMS database

Download the  Cascade CMS database.

We strongly recommend using an existing database with a UTF-8 enabled character set. This is necessary to take advantage of Cascade CMS's multi-lingual support.

Also, we recommend creating a separate tablespace for the Cascade CMS database. See below for more information on creating the tablespace.

Step 2: Create new Tablespace

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager:

  • Go to Administration -> Tablespaces, then click Create.

  • For the Name field, enter CASCADE_DEFAULT 

  • Under Datafiles, click Add (As an alternative, one can avoid adding a datafile by checking the Use bigfile tablespace check box. However, creating a separate file is highly recommended)

  • At the Add Datafile screen, type CASCADE_DEFAULT.DBF  in the File Name field

  • Point the File Directory field to the desired location

  • For the File Size field, type 30 MB 

  • Under Storage, check the option to "Automatically extend datafile when full (AUTOEXTEND)"

  • For the Increment field, type 2 MB . Click Continue

  • Click OK to create the tablespace. The generated SQL should look like this:


Step 3: Import the Cascade CMS database

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager:

  • Click Maintenance -> Import from Export Files

  • For the Directory Object field, select the directory where the Cascade CMS import script resides. For the File Name field, type CASCADE_DEFAULT.DMP

  • Under Import Type select Entire Files

  • Under Host Credentials fill in the OS Username and Password for the Oracle account, then click Continue

  • On the next screen (Import: Re-Mapping) - unless a tablespace and/or user other than CASCADE_DEFAULT has been created, simply click Next

  • Under Import: Options it is recommended to create a log file of the import. Select a Directory Object and under Log File type the name of the file (e.g. CASCADE_DEFAULT.LOG) and click Next

  • For the Job Name field, type the desired name (e.g. cascade_import - note that the name has to be unique). Type an optional description in the Description field and click Next

  • Under Import: Review, review the import information and verify that everything is correct. Click Submit Job

Your Oracle database is now configured and ready to be used by Cascade CMS.

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