If you've recently upgraded to version 8.7 or later of Cascade CMS and find that your asset names are no longer being automatically lowercased and hyphenated, you may need to configure your site's Asset Naming Rules.

By default, Asset Naming Rules are less strict than the following Asset Factory Plugins:

  • Data Definition Field(s) to System Name Plug-in

  • Display to System Name Plug-in

  • Title to System Name Plug-in

If you haven't configured your Asset Naming Rules yet, you can simply set them at the system level under Administration > Preferences > Content > Asset Naming Rules to:

  • Capitalization: Lowercase only

  • Spaces between words: Replace with hyphen

  • Apply rules to these asset types: choose the relevant asset types based on the Asset Factories using the system name plugin(s)

For more information, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

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