The following steps should be taken when migrating Cascade CMS to a different machine:

1. Clone the production Cascade CMS database

  • Create a clone of the production database for testing purposes. After the database has been copied, run the following queries against the new database (which will be used for testing):

UPDATE cxml_destination SET isEnabled=0;
DELETE FROM cxml_preferences WHERE fieldName LIKE '%smtp%';
UPDATE cxml_connector SET isVerified =0;

Running these queries ensures that the testing process will not interfere with the existing production environment.

2. Prepare the new application server

  • If you haven't already, request a new license from us by sending an email to licenses [at] Be sure to include the internal hostname of the machine on which you intend to install Cascade CMS.

  • Download the installation file for your Operating System from the downloads page. Be sure to grab the installer matching the version on which your production machine currently runs.

NOTE: If you are running on an O/S with no GUI you'll want to download the ZIP installer listed under the heading Manual Installation. This particular installer does not come bundled with a JRE, so you must also download a JRE that is supported by the version of the application you intend to run. JRE requirements for each version can be found here.

  • Install Cascade CMS using the instructions for your vendor here. During the installation process for GUI-enabled operating systems, you will be prompted to provide connection information for the database. Be sure to provide credentials for the test database that was previously set up in step 1.

  • If your production instance has special modifications with respect to the port configuration, you can reference the tomcat/conf/server.xml file from that instance to see where changes may need to be made to the corresponding file on the new machine.

  • If you're using installing Cascade CMS using one of the ZIP installers (no GUI), steps for configuring can be found here.¬†

  • Start Cascade CMS and wait 5 minutes. Verify that you can reach the login page. Enter the corresponding license for the server.

NOTE: If you are unable to reach the login page at this point, zip up the tomcat/logs folder and send the file to support [at] We can help you determine where things may be going wrong.

  • Once the application is up and running on the new machine, verify that folks can reach it from outside of the local machine via their browser.

  • Stop Cascade CMS.

3. Final steps

  • Create a backup of the production database (to be safe!).

  • Stop the 'old' Cascade CMS process.

  • On the new machine, ¬†modify the database configuration to point to the existing production database.

  • Start Cascade CMS on the new machine.

  • Go to the login page and enter the license that was received in step 2 above.

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