CSS background images require special tags that let the system know you are referring to an image that is managed by Cascade CMS. Consider the following lines in a CSS file:

    background-image: url('/images/photo.png');

To link to this image from the CSS file within Cascade, the following steps must to be taken:

  • Click Edit on the CSS file containing the reference to the background image

  • Add [system-asset] ... [/system-asset] tags around the full path to the image location inside of Cascade CMS. For example:

    background-image: url('[system-asset]/images/photo.png[/system-asset]');
  • Click the Configure pane

  • Check the box to Rewrite asset links in file. This option will force the system to attempt to locate anything within [system-asset] ... [/system-asset] tags. Once it finds the asset, it will rewrite the link accordingly.

  • Click Save & Preview

  • After verifying your changes, click Submit

Assuming the system is able to locate the image in question, the rewritten link should look something like this:

background-image: url('/renderfile/4ed63b960a00018a0141055a46b50931/images/photo.png');
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