During start-up, one of the following messages may appear in the cascade.log file and prevent Cascade CMS from starting:

Waiting for changelog lock....
Waiting for changelog lock....
Waiting for changelog lock.... 
Caused by: liquibase.exception.LockException: Could not acquire change log lock.  Currently locked by ...

This can happen if the application experiences an ungraceful shutdown. To see which machine has locked the Cascade CMS database, execute the following SQL query:


Check the lockedby column to see who locked the table. Generally, the lock will be from the local machine.

If this is the case (and no other machine has a lock on the database), the record should be updated by executing the following query:

set locked=0, lockgranted=null, lockedby=null
where id=1

After updating this record Cascade CMS should start up again without any problems.

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