The log files for the application can be found in the following areas:

From within the Cascade CMS interface

Users with access to the Administration area can obtain log files from the application by doing the following:

  • Click Menu (top-right)

  • Click Administration

  • In the Tools section, Click Logs and System Information 

The log file for the current day will be named cascade.log.

Logs from previous days include the dates within their names.

Example: cascade.log.2017-01-01 

On the machine where Cascade CMS is installed

Administrators with access to the machine on which Cascade CMS is installed can find the log files in the tomcat/logs directory (within the Cascade CMS installation directory).


  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Cascade CMS\tomcat\logs 

  • Linux: /home/cascade/tomcat/logs 

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