Any custom fields that you wish to use in a form, must first be created by an Administrator in Custom Fields.

  • Under the Administration area, click "Custom Fields"
  • At the right, click "+ Create Custom Field"
  • Give your Custom Field a name. This is the name that will appear in the drop-down menu for Fields in Forms and also will, by default, be the Label Name for the field (the field name that appears on the Form itself).
  • Choose a Field Type (explained below). If "Add Value" options appear, go to the next item. If not, click "Create" and your Custom Field will be created.
  • Click "Add Value" to add a new item choice to the Custom Field. Each item choice may be tied to a campaign, where if a Lead chooses that field option, they will be put into that campaign.
  • Click "Create"

Field Types Explained

Text - Creates a short, one-line text box for short answers (Note: Answers are not required to be short, there is no character limit for this box, but it would be best used for short text responses)

Radio Button - For use with multiple options, uses a radio button to indicate preference.

Drop-down - Like the Field Type Selector itself, this type creates a drop-down list of the Added Values.

Checkbox - Another type for use with multiple options where selections are made with a checkbox.

Text Area - Creates a large text box

Multi-select - For use with Multiple options where multiple selections may be made.

Hidden - This is a more advanced option and creates a hidden Text Area on your front facing Form. This field type is generally used for Javascripts or more advanced techniques.

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