You can embed your Clive tracking code in the body of your pages to track visitors to your site. Site visitors will be listed in Clive under the Visitors area; by a unique ID number if they're anonymous, or under their name if they've completed a Clive form and provided their information.

Find your tracking code

Your code is located on your Clive dashboard under Tracking Code and will look something like this:

<script async="true" src=""></script>

Highlight the code or click the Copy button to copy the snippet.

Embed your tracking code

You should place your tracking code within the <body></body> tags of your site's pages. We recommend placing it just before the closing </body> tag.

If you're using Cascade CMS, you can embed your code in your Template(s) so that all pages using those Templates will inherit the change. Remember that you'll need to republish those pages to start tracking visitors on your live site.

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