Viewing an asset's audit trail

While viewing an asset (such as a page or file) click More > Audits. You can filter the audit trail by timeframe or type of action.

If you need to restore a previous version of an asset, click More > Versions to view available versions.

What if I don't know where the asset is?

If an asset's been moved, renamed, or deleted, it may not be available for you to audit. If you can't locate the asset:

  • Check the site's Trash first. (Just in case.)

  • Note which groups have permission to edit assets in the missing asset's site or parent folder.

  • Go to Administration > Groups and click one of those groups.

  • While viewing the group, click More > Audits. A group's audit trail provides a chronological list of activities by all members of the group.

Read more about Audits in the Cascade CMS Knowledge Base.

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