This Index Block, which is usually referred to as a calling page or current page Block, is one of the most used Blocks in Cascade CMS.

To create the Index Block

  • Create a new Block using the Add Content menu

  • Fill in a system name (e.g. calling-page )

  • For the Block Type  select Index Block

  • For the Index Type  field choose Folder Index

  • For the Depth of Index  field type 0

  • For the Indexed Asset Types  field check Pages

  • For the Rendering Behavior  field select Render normally, starting at the indexed folder

  • For the Page XML  field select Render page XML inline

  • For the Indexed Asset Content  field check Regular Content and User Metadata

  • For the Other Indexed Info  field check Append Calling Page Data

  • Click Submit

More information about the options listed above can be found here.

To preview the Index Block

Because this type of Index Block requires a context page to render, previewing the Index Block will show:

<page-required-to-render-this-index-block />

To preview the generated XML structure, you can to use the Preview Format options when creating/editing a Format:

  • Select Block for asset type

  • Choose your newly created Index Block

  • Choose your desired context page

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