You may collect many pieces of data from visitors via forms on your site, but some data points are characteristic of your visitor. Visitor Attributes let you to specify which data points you'd like to store with a visitor. These can be used to create more informative visitor profiles and personalize Smart Content.

Creating Visitor Attributes

Visit the Visitors > Visitor Attributes area and click Create a Visitor Attribute. Configure the following options:

  • Visitor Attribute Name - Pick a name for your attribute that will be used to identify it inside Clive.
  • Description (optional) - Give your attribute a description to help characterize it in the Visitor Attributes area.

Populating Visitor Attributes with form fields

Whether it's inline fields or Custom Fields, the Visitor Attribute picker allows you choose which fields populate your attributes. To get started:

  • Edit or create a form field to associate with your Visitor Attribute.
  • Under Visitor Attribute, select the attribute you'd like this field to populate.

You can associate multiple fields with the same attribute and the most recently-submitted value will be stored with the visitor.

Personalizing content with attributes

Now that you're collecting visitor attribute data, you can personalize content on your site to visitors with a particular attribute. See Smart Content in Clive for details.

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