If you're trying to preview a page and the preview window is very short like the screenshot above, you're likely running into a Chromium bug that results in iframes being rendered at 100px in height instead of 100%. This issue is usually seen in Chrome on Windows.

Workaround #1 - Use an alternate browser.

Until this bug is resolved in a future release of Chrome / Edge, please try using an alternate browser such as Firefox.

Workaround #2 - Try adjusting the size of the browser window.

Some users report changing the size of the browser window will cause the 100% height to be respected.

Note - The following former workaround is no longer available in more recent versions of Chrome where LayoutNG is no longer experimental:

If using a different browser is not an option or not preferred, you can also disable the enable-layout-ng flag in Chrome's settings:

  • Open a new tab and visit the URL chrome://flags 

  • Search for enable-layout-ng; this should return a single item named "Enable LayoutNG" as seen below:

  • In the drop down menu to the right of that property, change the selection to Disabled.

  • Re-launch Chrome (using the button that appears at the bottom right-hand corner of the page).

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